Stitching Slowly

I really have not been doing too much on this cross stitch lately. The reasons:

  • Been exhausted
  • Been seeing a lot of clients within the last few weeks-more than usual
  • cleaning my house, shopping, cooking
  • walking my dog-since the weather is unusually warm for an area that should have snow constantly.
  • doing yoga
  • headaches! yikes!
  • today, not feeling the greatest

I hope those are realistic and understandable reasons why I just did not get much stitched.

For the tea, I opted for Peppermint Tea-in a bag. I just did not feel like brewing loose tea today, since I did not think the flavors would settle right in my stomach.

Below is a picture of outside of my window-(beautiful blue sky) weird normally this time of the year it would be snowing/possibly a snowstorm that keeps you nestled inside with hot tea.

About the Cross stitch:

So here is what I accomplished. It looks like the same as the prior post, but seriously please trust me, it is just another column of almost the same colors! I am getting closer to finishing the top row.

It is really looking sharp. I am proud of myself. I just wonder when I get to start the second row?! Guess I need to stop having excuses of not stitching and get myself back on track! (no pun intended-get it Derby track)-okay that was a long shot. Humor is dry.

Until next time I stitch….

Sipping Tea, Trying to Stitch

Finding the time to stitch this weekend was difficult. I was too exhausted on Friday to stitch. Saturday I did some stitching, but became too tired and mentally exhausted. Sunday I had to clean my house which took too much time away from my stitching. Then I got a headache that never seized. I was able to stitch but I was not focused on it.

So here’s what it now looks like.

Here’s the whole image of what is stitched so far.

Here’s the tea of my choice for yesterday….

I started out with Wild Berry by Simple Loose Leaf.

It is a green tea with blueberries and raspberries. (I read somewhere that raspberries can cause headaches for some people.) Perhaps that’s why I got a headache? Or the combination of mentally exhausted and being fatigue and having raspberries.

Later in the day I made myself some chamomile tea, by Bigelow. I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I spent more time sipping my tea and having some crackers than stitching.

Not a very productive stitching weekend. But there’s a weekend coming up very soon.

Valentine of Love and Hearts

Stitches with Love and Hearts, a little history

I still have some of my Christmas decorations on display. I love angels and old time Santa Clauses. Therefore why put them away quickly if I enjoy them?!

As I write this post the tea of choice is called Dark Lagoon Herbal, by Simple Loose Leaf. I

Having tea writing this post.
this tea is called Dark Lagoon Herbal from Simple Loose Leaf
it is sweet and rich rose from berries and other fruits. It is a deep red brew and a tart flavor.

Cross Stitch Facts

stitched this when I was young about 9 yrs old

I thought to give a lesson about cross stitching for this post.

  • Cross stitch existed before the Middle Ages. It has been found in China, India and then Europe as trade increased as well as migrations and invasions. In Egypt a sampler was found around the 6th century. Even cloth dating from 3000-5000 BC had traces of cross stitch on it.
  • Cross stitching became an upper-class hobby during the middle ages. It actually began in the rural areas first. Cross stitch ornaments was a sign of wealth and social status.
  • Cross stitch pattern books have been around since the 17th century. The choice of colors was left to the stitcher as the pattern had black dots indicating areas to stitch.
  • Samplers were used by school aged children to learn the Bible verse and moral values and to learn the alphabet.
  • In the 1960’s was when the modern day cross stitching began with the mass production of patterns.

Sampler designed by my mom, Stitched by me.

Sampler that was designed by my mom, stitched this when I was 10 years old.

That’s my little lesson about cross stitch…back to making time in my current busy schedule to cross stitch Derby. Hoping I won’t be so tired tomorrow after work to work on it.

Happy Valentine’s Day…

The weekend stitching

Saturday stitching

I finally had time to stitch on Saturday evening after a day of work.

I had the determination to complete the first column of page 7.

It was a success! My previous post showed I had some of the column stitched…

Let me remind you:

And with my determination it now looks like this:

Column 1 of page 7 completed

Here’s a close up of it

So many different floss colors. Many times reading the pattern and finding the correct placement.

It’s all starting to be worth it.

Then came Sunday

I finally sat down to work on the cross stitch by noon. Some stitching was done, but I became awfully tired.

I decided to take a nap, for an hour! I hardly nap. But needed it so much

Back to stitching….then I made dinner…then stitched until 9pm.

Hopefully you can tell, there’s a darker area of blue. This is not a mistake…this means I’m nearing the end of the sky.

Closer view of the darker part of the sky.

As planned I was able to stitch all weekend and got in a wonderful long overdue nap.

Not sure when I’ll stitch again, most likely next weekend.

Until then…

Page 7 column 1…counting down

I am working on a 21 page cross stitch titled Derby. Today was a snowstorm which caused me to be home early and was happy to stitch this Friday afternoon.

Here is how the stitching went:

First I poured myself some green tea. It is called Green Harmony. From Simple Loose Leaf… I always have my tea warm with a little sugar. Jasmine is in this tea, which is one of my favorite flavors.

I was able to get myself comfortable and started stitching.

Here is the progress made on Derby…

There’s many different shades of blue in this sky! And much more tea to taste.

Until next time. Hopefully I will be able to stitch all weekend.


Victorian Throw Back…

Going to Church

This cross stitch was done a few years ago. I finally bought a frame for it. This cross stitch is from a Victorian cross stitch book I have that depict different scenes.

This scene, titled Going To Church, was my favorite to stitch. It is so delicate and I could only imagine life during those times going to church in a carriage and horse. I always picture those times calm and less chaotic.

This cross stitch is from Paula Vaughan A Mother’s Love. I have finished a few others which I will share in another post.

An Evening stitching

Most of the time I have a few creative projects started at once. Lately I have been cross stitching a small ornament in the evening to relax after a long work day. I bought this cross stitch kit at a craft store around the holidays. I normally don’t buy kits, because it has never been my favorite. No particular reason on why it is not my favorite other than I like to work on cross stitch fabric.

Here are the photos of what has been completed…

the floss for the cross stitch heart, it was included in the kit.
completed the blue floss.

I will update in future posts the completed heart cross stitch kit.

Stitching with hot herbal tea

This is the most current of my Derby cross stitch. I worked on it a little this weekend. I did not sew as much as I normally do.

Look at the many different colors of floss it takes to sew the sky. It takes much time to change the floss just for a small section. But it is worth it.
And the colors of the jockey’s helmet is starting to come through.
cross stitching with a cup of hot herbal tea.

It is relaxing to have hot herbal tea while cross stitching. It is a much needed therapeutic way to spend the weekend. More on my selected teas, coming soon.


This is the current cross stitch I have been working on. It is for my brother-n-law. It is about 36″ x 22″. This is the largest I have cross stitched, definitely with the most colors of floss used on it. I am put together on this post the past year’s cross stitching look back and the progress of the Derby.

the cross stitch cloth June 2019
the first block of colors sewed. June 2019
Aug 2019
Aug 2019
Sept 2019
Dec 2019

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